Anne Lin

A Website Facelift for an Anime
& Japanese Culture Brand 

Ningen Life, Website

Website Facelift
Ningen Life, a lifestyle brand needed to revamp their website and incorporate new branding. A series of website redesigns were done help to improve the brand experience, outdated styling and shopping flow.


NavigationThe previous navigation bar listed too many categories. It made searching difficult especially with the number of products. We streamlined everything to just one dropdown for easier use, less confusion and so it would be more adaptable to responsive.

New Updates
An auto-playing carousel was adding to the top banner of the page to include new updates such as conventions, promotions and new brands. The animated messaging will change every 1.5 seconds to drive the users attention there.

Responsive Design
The layout was redesigned to be consistent across web as well as mobile.

Creative Direction
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Graphic Design